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Why Salop?

Salop Design and Engineering is one of the leading manufacturers of pressings and assemblies in the UK, with quality and service being synonymous with the company for over 50 years.

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Salop Design & Engineering Limited
Brixton Way

Phone: 00 44 1743 450501
E-mail: info@salopdesign.co.uk


Our bespoke manufacturing site is based in the fantastic location of Shrewsbury, Shropshire.


Salop Design and Engineering Ltd operates out of the purpose built site in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, with Salop Powder Coating and the depot for Salop Haulage situated at the back of the factory building.

The Press line includes a line of ten presses with tonnages from 200 to 400 tonnes. The layout of the presses on the floor has minimized redundant floor space with maximum efficiency.

There are a wide variety of press types and specifications, including 24 mechanical / progression / transfer / hydraulic presses ranging from 110 tonne to 630 tonne. This covers an extensive range of tonnages and capacities including both manual and fully automated robotic transfer systems. All aspects of presswork are undertaken, including hydraulic deep draw presswork. Secondary assembly and welding processes are also readily available.

Salop Design and Engineering Ltd is accredited with the quality standard TS16949. A process of continuous improvement is operated with constant targets on efficiencies. In achieving the continuing targets required for maintaining TS16949, Salop Design is subject to regular audits from both Internal and External assessors.

Salop Design and Engineering Ltd have over 50 years experience using the very best in engineering practices, enabling the company to produce pressings and pressed assemblies for the Automotive, Domestic Appliances and Agricultural industries. The company is especially proud of expanding its customer base in the Information Technology and Defence markets. Assembly facilities include projection welding, spot welding, gas welding, arc welding, riveting, milling and turning etc, allowing Salop Design and Engineering Ltd more flexibility and to carry out a wide variety of work.

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  • Statistical Process Control – SPC
  • Total Quality Management – TQM
  • Process Control Plans, FMEA’s & Risk Analysis
  • At Once Quality Planning – APQP
  • Full Manufacturing traceability
  • Full PPAP & ISIR on all parts, with yearly validation
  • Preventative maintenance program
  • Poke-Yoke and mistake proofing –¬†incorporated within design review and feasibility meetings
  • Monthly BOS charts are used to record the costs of quality
  • In House Quality Audits
Salop Design and Engineering is the leading manufacturer of pressings and assemblies in the UK.