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Why Salop?

Salop Design and Engineering is one of the leading manufacturers of pressings and assemblies in the UK, with quality and service being synonymous with the company for over 50 years.

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Salop Design & Engineering Limited
Brixton Way

Phone: 00 44 1743 450501
E-mail: info@salopdesign.co.uk


Automotive, non Automotive, white and yellow goods.


The manufacture of pressed products is at the heart of the company’s business. Salop Design and Engineering Ltd has a formidable range of plant and equipment providing enormous capabilities.

The company has specialist knowledge in the pressing difficult materials; such as high strength low alloy steels and varying grades of stainless steel. If there was a sudden problem with part production, call the production team and they will look to provide help and assistance – even to the extent of collecting a customer’s existing tooling and starting the job within hours.

The company has quality approvals from all of its customers and is equipped to manufacture and supply components to all modern logistical requirements. Having Electronic Data Interchange capabilities with options for bar coding, it is possible to schedule and transmit data using the companies email system.


The company supplies precision parts and assemblies to major international customers which are fitted to the following areas of vehicles;

  • Exhaust components, including complete muffler box assemblies.
  • Body-in-white components, both structural and inner panels.
  • Seat components.
  • Trim and bracket components.
  • Dust covers and heat shields.

Salop Design and Engineering Ltd work in these fields include, pressing components from ferrous and non ferrous materials. We supply a wide range of customers with typical construction and interior applications such as:

  • Cladding and roof brackets
  • Window and door components
  • Metering system components
  • Shooting pistol targets
Salop Design and Engineering is the leading manufacturer of pressings and assemblies in the UK.